An international man of mystery. Where is he from? Nobody knows. How many languages does he speak? Impossible to count them all. He's a modern nomad--you never know when or where you'll cross paths. But one thing is certain, the attraction will be instantaneous. Tall, dark, handsome, and smart as a whip; be mindful of your drooling. And as for matters of the heart, there too he is skilled. A few kind words, a smile, and that gaze, and you'll want to tell him every secret you've ever kept. He's a rare bird, this one. Should you ever experience him firsthand, count yourself one lucky girl!
Me: "I just had the strangest dream...I could've sworn I met a Sambo. But that's impossible. Sambos are urban legend..."

Sambo: "Everything is going to be okay. You've just fainted..."
by SincerelyYourLits February 28, 2013
Relatively modern martial art, combat sport and self-defense system developed in the Soviet Union. its a random grappling style witch utilises Judo, Koch, Chidaoba, Trîntǎ, Kurash, Khapsagay, Gulesh.

aka sambo and cambo
by jakub15 November 01, 2009
The Term "Sambos" was coind by historian Stanley Elkins. It's original meaning was 'society of helpless dependants'. The term was used to explain how European settlers had conditioned African Slaves to be woefully accepting of their shitty conditions.
The term also applies to the conditions of all people who live in America....helplessly dependent.
By destroying an individuals sense of heritige, feeding them fear, and giving a false sense of security through consumerism you can condition an entire nation to become Sambos.
by hambonese March 31, 2009
A sambo is a coward and a turncoat. A sambo with backdown from a fight. A sambo will steal. A sambo will stab you in the back.

The term has many supposed origins, the most common coming either from the story of Little Black Sambo or the British conquest of India. Many cite the slavery days of the U.S.A., in which the term is used in the same fashion as the Indian source. The "black faces" of early U.S. entertainment are often called sambos.

A.K.A. a house nigger (as in Malcolm X's contrast of the house nigger versus the field nigger).

A.K.A. "Uncle Tom"
Turn a sambo into a soldier with just one line... - Immortal Technique (in references to rappers in general)

I heard this kid, Sambo, was a snake - a rat - stole shit and then ran away to another state... - GM Grimm (in reference to MF DOOM)
by D.R. Fatkinstein January 25, 2007
a cambodian name for both sexes. it means abundance
i have a cambodian name and its sambo.
by sambbeezzyy January 24, 2008
Sambo means cross-breeding of a Negro and Native Americans. It comes from Spanish "los ambos", meaning "the both" or "the others". Historically it came into being along with mulatto (cross-breeding of white and Negro) and mestizo (cross-breeding of white and Native Americans). More properly spelled zambo
Only a nigger would think that sambo is a racial slur.
Cross-breeding to create sambos or mulattoes is like mixing clean water with dirty water - you just get more dirty water.
by Kudu Slagter September 30, 2006
Originated from my school in QE Faversham England. The nickname "Sambo" is given to a chav's best friend, usually with the name Sam. "Sambo" also depicts a girl with forced gelled back hair, usually cheap dyed blonde.
"Oi Sambo! 'urry up 'ill ya?
by Mysto October 21, 2004
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