Although often used as a derogatory term, Sambo is now used in some circles and mini-cultures to describe someone playing up to a stereotype or "playin' the fool" to hide intelligent and revolutionary motives from potential threats. The term comes from the 19th century "Sambo" stereotype of black slaves as dumb and oblivious. Slaves often used this as a cover to secretly sabotage plantation tools and as an excuse to work slowly and attempt to slowly chip away at their master's system when open revolution was not an option.
2Pac was always playin' the Sambo in his interviews despite his intelligent rap.
by sonofsambo January 04, 2010
Swedish word for a live-in boyfriend/girlfriend, or for a commonlaw partner.
This is Ingrid, she's my sambo...
by db January 23, 2004
In modern times, most people know this word indirectly from Helen Bannerman's "The Story of Little Black Sambo", not directly from slave references as several have incorrectly mentioned here. It is controversial because some people feel it was racially motivated.
"The Story of Little Black Sambo"
by Tentochi February 12, 2005
An international man of mystery. Where is he from? Nobody knows. How many languages does he speak? Impossible to count them all. He's a modern nomad--you never know when or where you'll cross paths. But one thing is certain, the attraction will be instantaneous. Tall, dark, handsome, and smart as a whip; be mindful of your drooling. And as for matters of the heart, there too he is skilled. A few kind words, a smile, and that gaze, and you'll want to tell him every secret you've ever kept. He's a rare bird, this one. Should you ever experience him firsthand, count yourself one lucky girl!
Me: "I just had the strangest dream...I could've sworn I met a Sambo. But that's impossible. Sambos are urban legend..."

Sambo: "Everything is going to be okay. You've just fainted..."
by SincerelyYourLits February 28, 2013
"Sambos" was the name of a U.S. chain of breakfast houses, similar to IHOP. Once ubiquitous, only one store remains - the original restaurant in Santa Barbara, California, from which the chain sprang. When the owners discovered a book entitled "Little Black Sambo" written by Hellen Bartrum in 1899, in which an East-Indian child is chased in a circle by a tiger until the tiger turns into butter, they decided it was a perfect match, and Sambos restaurants thereafter featured conspicuously mounted placards telling the story, and ultimately relating the butter to the blobs of whipped butter served on Sambo's pancakes.

Whether the chain closed because of concerns relating to "political correctness" is unknown to this author.
You know that Chinese Buffet up on Lakeway Drive? That used to be a Sambos, years ago.
by Rod Brock July 24, 2006
Australian slang for sandwich.

Another example how Aussies like to shorten everything. In this case we save ourselves three letters each time. In the outback, three letters can be the difference between life and death.
Aussie bloke: "Oi Bazza, tell Shazza I'm just gonna make me a fucking sambo, then I'll be right ovah"
by Wherethebloodyhellareyou? June 28, 2013
Lesbians you meet at Sams Club... not to be confused with HoDos (lesbians you meet at Home Depot, Gymbos (lesbians you meet at the gym), DoPos (lesbians you meet at the dog park), Drumbos (lesbians you meet in a drum circle), or Dildos (lesbians who "pack").
I met a couple of Sambos yesterday, while stocking up on cat litter.
by Texpatriot February 17, 2012
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