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An amazing, awesome girl who spreads her awesomeness around Dougiefied. Always there for people and a great person to talk to.
Wow that girls so amazing and friendly! She's such an Ingrid!
#ingrid #amazingly #awesome #dougiefied #great #awesomeness
by aslan?? July 25, 2008
Part German, <3 someone, micav, terrie's bff, texan, part ninja!!, likes eyeliner
wow..ingrid looks so much better with eyeliner on than breanna.
#pie #cookie #eyeliner #fun #german
by mflo! September 24, 2010
A beautiful woman. One who has lived a life of worry and pain but an outcome of great success with a family of her own and in some time love. Ingrid may be a woman who has dark hair and green eyes. An Ingrid usually has an heart or oval shape face and a button nose.

An Ingrid may of suffered with a lot of issues in her life, but she never fails to over-come them. She is a strong powerful woman with the ability to achieve whatever she wishes when having hope within herself.

She may have a lot of self-confidence issues but deep down is a beautiful woman, an Ingrid may be found at hard times but over-comes them and builds new bridges.
"I could of done with a bit of Ingrid in that"
"Ingrid helps me so much, she's the greatest."
"Your smile shines up the room like an Ingrid."
#ingrid #beautiful #woman #smile #confidence
by alphabet0123213 January 09, 2013
The most beautiful girl in the world. she is the best girlfriend and is really funny. Has a GREAT body that no one can resist and is really smart. But don't piss her off cause she will go off on you. If you meet an Ingrid, marry her!
Jealous guy: hey man i heard you were dating Ingrid
Lucky guy: yeah man shes so sexy!!!
Jealous guy: could you shut up, everyone is jealous already
#ungrid #beautiful #ingird #amazing #perfect
by DAT COUNTRY KID January 15, 2011
A really nice girl who is friends to everybody. really cute and pretty. Loves anime, does stupid impressions, and likable. If you like her, chances are she likes someone else.
Doug: Ingrid, wanna go out?
Ingrid: Hell no, James already asked me out
Doug: why that little..
by That dumb got March 27, 2016
Sneaky, conceited, gullible, mean, liar, egotistical, paranoid
Why are you being such an Ingrid?!
#ingred #engrid #sneaky #conceited #gullible #mean #liar #egotistical #paranoid
by CloverLeaf88 August 09, 2010
A very lovely person, who makes you smile!
Awww... it's a Ingrid.
#ing #ping #ring #lyng #pannekake
by Skaumann på pungen January 19, 2009
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