Sam is a great friend for anyone to have. he always makes people laugh and cheers people up when they are down. he is too hard on himself though and is a lovely guy. a best friend any girl could have.
Jelsey: sam is a great guy.
by Jellyybeann August 15, 2010
a person who has an incredible desire for pie and the last unicorn.
"wanna watch last unicorn and eat pie?"
"haha your such a Sam"
by memonlou h January 03, 2013
The best thing that has ever happend to me x3 would be nothing without him and no one has ever made me more happy <3 Totally gorgeous super fit sexy boy who is an amazing boyfriend treats you better than anyone else is always there for you but isn't anything like any other guy x You will never meet another guy like him, he is one of a kind and you would be lucky to have a guy like him <3 I love him more than anything <3
Keith the tortoise is awesome wouldn't you agree Sam?
by AliceMaria November 05, 2012
Sam means to be completely shitfaced. puking mid-sentence, not realizing it and continuing to talk.

As a

for example, "scale from 1 to S.A.M, how drunk are you?"
second example, "OMG, did you see Melissa lasnight? She was S.A.M!"
by Spicyyyyyy July 28, 2011
S.A.M meaning Sorry Ass Muthafucker(s)
!. Dont u hate those S.A.M always talkin bout what they have, but dont got sh*t.
2. Those S.A.M lost hard aganist my team, win or go home.
by Elohssa-twin_romtown May 16, 2011
Amazing at masturbation and excellent at flirting, always gets the girls
He is soooo like Sam.
by Mr Amaznig September 22, 2010
A real cool cat with a penchant for turtleneck sweaters and snakeskin boots. Eyes like uncut diamonds, hair like the mane of a glorious auburn stallion.

He likes his women like he likes his pickup trucks: Sturdy and covered in mud. He does what he wants, when he wants. A hero to all losers, boozers, deadbeats, down-and-outers and misunderstood arty types. Self-professed enemy of 'The Man'. The poster-boy for don'tgiveafuck-ness.

Beverage of choice? Fuzzy Navel, extra cherries with an umbrella, baby.

Favorite pastimes? Walking across arid deserts, thinking 'bout life, putting injured animals outta their misery and playing Risk with his dear ol' mama.

Yup, he's a real rhinestone cowboy.
"That guy sure is somethin'!"
"Oh yeah. That's Sam."
by RoscoePColtrane May 14, 2013

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