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A ninja who has a stuffed squirrel and likes lemurs and lucky enough to know a munchlax, loves to eat pie, does not mind his girl friend driving his car, and is addicted to Monster.
wow is that a sam with a lemur and munchlax drinking a monster and eating pie??

i think it is. i want one!!
by lemurandmunchlax March 18, 2009
35 32
A girl from a small town with many friends. You can trust her 'till the world stops turning, and she will slowly start to trust you. But, if you betray that trust, you will almost never get it back. she loves to smile, laugh, and dance like nobodys watching, even if they are. She doesent care what other people think because she knows that rude people arent worth her time. She is a great singer, and wrighter, she is friends with almost anyone, but has more guy friends than girls. Mainly because she thinks girls are boring. She has been called a tease, but only to the one she loves. Her boyfriend. she is super loyal and will always have your back if you have hers. She believes that what comes around goes around and isn't afraid to stick up for herself in a fight. she seems so strong on the outside, but is fragile and insecure on the inside. even though people tell hes shes beautiful she will never truly believe you. shes a tomboy, but still likes to dress up. she has a dirty mind and can be classified as "just one of the boys" nothing is awekward for her cause she thinks that everything happens for a reason. She is usually smart at school, and all the teachers liek her. but she isnt the teachers pet, she is usually the class clown. she makes weird noises when she screws up her words and is an awful speller. she is someone you are lucky to know because she will help you no matter what!
boy: who is that shy beautiful girl?
girl: oh thats my bestst loyal friend Sam

teacher: sam what is the answer to this question?
sam: oh you know lol why dont you tell me, i wasnt even listining
teacher: sam you great girl you are so awesome!
by dirtbikin'chick 234 January 15, 2013
2 0
The most amazing guy. He has amazing eyes, hair, and body. He will treat you how you've always deserved to be treated. He will always take your side, and will always hold you while you cry. Sam might have gone through some hard things, but those things have made him a better stronger person. He will always be there for you, no matter who you are. He always sells himself short, and doesn't believe you when you tell him these things because he thinks he doesn't deserve it. He also gives the best kisses in the world.

Also likes to joke and say, "Thanks for playing, now make me a sandwich."
Sam: "Would you ever go out with a guy like me?"

"Hmmm.... Yeah."
Sam: "Should you?"

*laughs* "Probably not"
Sam: "Will you?

by 1.20.2012 May 27, 2012
3 1
An boy whose lying is out of control. Says he's Russian but then, doesn't really prove it. He thinks his IQ is at genius level but, he's a high school drop out. In general, just a lying, full of himself, thinks he can have any girl he wants but is scared to even talk to one because he's afraid of rejection, asshole.
Sam Harrison
by hahahhah(: June 27, 2011
9 7
The sexiest gay man in the world. Even the extra-terrestrials can't compete with this fine sista.
by Elise Amina May 12, 2011
7 5
Sam is the name for the perfect boy. Does the sweetest things and cares so much about you. He is very attractive and said to be good in bed ;) the type of guy if you have a chance to date then take it. If you don't you'll regret it.
Girl: aw who's that being all cute with Alice?

Girl 2: that's Sam, he's the sweetest! Alice is so lucky.
Girl: I wish I had a Sam :(
by Surprise. May 25, 2013
1 0
loving, good looking, caring, great guy, best footballer
A Sam is a loving caring good looking boy, he has girl lining up around the block for him, he's a great boyfriend and would never cheat or treat a girl bad in any form of way. Sam is smart good looking and his out going in every way, an amazing football player. Sam puts his loved ones first and admires his family and friends, Sam loves to torment and make jokes but can sometimes take things to far. Sam always ends up with the best mates and most beautiful/stunning girlfriends. All around Sam is an amazing guy.
by westbrook1999 May 21, 2013
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