The most amazing guy. He has amazing eyes, hair, and body. He will treat you how you've always deserved to be treated. He will always take your side, and will always hold you while you cry. Sam might have gone through some hard things, but those things have made him a better stronger person. He will always be there for you, no matter who you are. He always sells himself short, and doesn't believe you when you tell him these things because he thinks he doesn't deserve it. He also gives the best kisses in the world.

Also likes to joke and say, "Thanks for playing, now make me a sandwich."
Sam: "Would you ever go out with a guy like me?"

"Hmmm.... Yeah."
Sam: "Should you?"

*laughs* "Probably not"
Sam: "Will you?

by 1.20.2012 May 27, 2012
A very religious kid. Loves video games, and a very sweet guy. Knows how to treat and talk to a girl right.
He's so nice! He must be a Sam!
by Kwickdayzi February 19, 2012
the most brilliant person on Earth. Good looking, charming and from London. Aslo wears the best socks. If you aren't Sam you should wish you was.
Chuck Norris- have you met Sam.
Other man who isn't important in any way- No why
Chuck Norris- your life isn't complete, and you don't deserve to live..
Other man dies painfully
by the real Chuck Norris February 17, 2012
A complete grot bag that can relate any conversation to sex and always has the dirtiest stories to tell. Someone you would have a great deal of fun with. The dirtiest mind of them all.
God you're a total Sam.
Man that girl looks like a Sam.
by RjfWells January 16, 2012
Someone with tuna or another species of edible fish in their hair.
Bob: 'Hey Sam, you've got a bit of tuna in your hair mate.'

Sam: 'Oh yeah, thanks mate'
by tunaboy September 19, 2011
A female who is promiscuous in nature and never turns down a hard, or semi-hard penis. From a young age she practices threesomes and fellatio on local scum.

With her room-temperature IQ she is also a vessel rife with disease and should be avoided if you wish to live a healthy life.
guy1 - "That sam chick sure sucks a mean cock."
guy2 - "Been there, done that... Hope you wrapped your willy."
guy1 - "Why is that?"
guy2 - "Get tested and find out."
by ragincajun666 April 02, 2010
Silly Asian Mother - Asian mothers who stress more about their children's schoolwork than their kids do, are super strict and hold uber conservative views on such diverse issues as dress code, music, dating, and how to save money.
Asian Girl #1: Maaan, my mom jus argued w/ the store manager for 30 min just so she could return a shirt that costs $10

Asian Girl #2: My mom's like that too, our moms are such SAMs
by only4given February 04, 2010

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