A girl who pretends to be stupid for attention or makes a big deal and are proud of something that makes them a whore or a slut. Everybody knows someone who is a Sam.
"Oh my god, she's such a Sam."
"I was going to go to that party, but I don't want to hang out with a bunch of Sams."
"Kayla spent an hour talking about how she slept with three different guys last night. She's such a Sam."
by CallMeAlice November 03, 2012
Soft as A Motherfucker

Going S.A.M. is the opposite of going H.A.M.
Dude, I went S.A.M. in that bitch last night. SHit was awesome.
by Goin S.A.M. March 28, 2011
An abbreviation, meaning, 'Secret Agent Monkey'. usuualy this refers to a monkey,usually in a tuxedo and armend with a strong british accent and a golden gun, but can also be used to define how cool someone is.especcialy refers to those named Sam,Samantha,etc.
Oh Teh Noes! It's S.A.M.
by Evilspleen February 20, 2006
Sam: To be of equal or greater coolness than a unicorn pimp.
Shit son, that dude(tte) just out-pimped that unicorn!" "Dayumn foo, must be a Sam.
by UncleSamFFI April 28, 2011
Sassy Ass Mouth
Uh huh that's rightt you better do that

Damnn she s.a.m'ing you
by pat b 609 August 13, 2009
a cute little guy who always changes his mind and can nvr like the same girl for more than a month
hes sweet
and he can always make me smile
Yea sam is my buddy =-D your JEALOUSE
by urmomrocksmysocksoff February 03, 2008
A big warehouse where you pay a membership fee, usually $40-$150 a year to pay a couple dollars less for an item which you buy twice a year since that is the only times you go there. There is an employee at the door who punches a hole in your receipt but never checks your items in your cart so you could potentially steal a lot of stuff.
I went to Sam's and payed $10 for a pack of Gatorade! They had it at Wal-Mart for $12!
by LanceN March 19, 2006
A kid that is often called gay by others cause the stuff he does is usually funnier then the stuff they do.
#1 "Sam is so gay"
#2 "Why what did he do?"
#1 "He is just gay!"
by P3n1s L1ck3r 69 January 20, 2012

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