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Last name of a jatt tribe from punjab, India. Known to be fierce warriors.

You better not fuck with a sahota, they'll fuck you up 10x harder.
by Dubtown Jatt March 22, 2009
Verb. To Sahota is to screw, scam, shaft or fuck over in relation to rental agreements, leases or any issues related to Landlord / Tenant relationships. Named for notorious slumlord Paul Sahota, owner of some of VanCity's most drug infested, crime ridden and dilapidated single room occupancy hotels.
Example 1:

Recently Made Homeless Man: "While I was in the hospital being treated for lesions from the massive bedbug infestation, my roof collapsed and raw sewage filled my room. Now the building is condemned and I live on the street."

Social Worker: "That sucks, you got royally Sahotaed!"

Example 2:

Tenant: "Sir, the utilities aren't working in my unit and there are more bugs in here than that scene in Temple of Doom. Do you think perhaps you could call Pest Control and maybe also get my water turned on?"

Greedy Slumlord: "Enough of your insolence! You're evicted! My thugs are on their way to remove you!"

Tenant: "Sir! Don't Sahota me, all I want is..."

Greedy Slumlord: *click* Hangs up phone.
by Junior_666 February 18, 2010
A very kind but confusing spiecies of monkey.
"Omg, That boy is a right Sahota."
"Yeah I know, he is really kind, but confuses me alot!"
by bobbittttttttttttttttttttttttt August 28, 2008
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