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1. Bob Saget, star of "Full House" and "America's Funniest Home Videos". Also had a cameo in "Half-Baked". Known as the lamest comedian in the history of man, and according to himself, is a chickenhead.
by MMBKG September 08, 2003
dork, aka Bob Saget
You look like a saget in those velcro shoes
by J. April 02, 2003
someone who is an idiot and a screw-up. usually a negative term.

*not referring to Bob Saget in ANY way.
-"Did you just see that chick totally eat shit tripping over herself?"

-"haha yeah what a saget!"
by B.zee August 23, 2008
A synonym for God. Originated from Sagetism.
When in church, you pray to Saget.
by Snarglesnarf December 29, 2007
cutest man alive
i love black dudes
by whipped May 12, 2004