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Someone who does something really pathetic or mean spirited to a friend, reflecting badly on them
eg of being a sad cunt

Having a long, hurtful rant about someone you know to degrade them, over the internet, on a social networking sites so everyone can see what you wrote, just because they did something you didn't like.

Telling someone not to try and go out with a girl cause you like her and the other guy's ruining your chances

Photoshopping pics of your friends

not stopping at a pedestrian crossing for 2 seconds

yelling at someone over the phone
by digger33333 September 05, 2009
Generally sits on the internet role playing. Often uses words like 'noob' or 'I pown'. Likes to build video game maps and loves a good internet conspiracy. More than often call themselves Remix. Can't get there point over at all in real life. A total geek leech.
Dixoft:- Right, tonight I'm going to be someone else on the internet.

Neutral person:- LoL! Hey, that's great.

Dixoft:- Damn straight you noob, then I'm going to dream on myspace n stuff.

Neutral Person:- You sure know how to live it up. Crikey.

Dixoft:- Just hang on noob, I ain't finished yet. I'm gonna argue with someone on a forum after that and get my point across.

Neutral Person:- Lorks, and this accomplishes you what? LoL?

Dixoft:- Don't argue with me, I am king of the internet jungle me.

Neutral Person:- Hey that's great you sad cunt. Gotta go and live real life mate, see you around no doubt.
by oooheesscaryonthenethim September 23, 2010
Someone who is sad/depressed
A: Man, life sucks, I hate school, work, and all the idiots around me, I want to kill myself.
B: Dude, stop being such a sad cunt.
by sthj September 04, 2016
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