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Beautiful, Sexy, Hott, Amazing, Funny, Cute, Kind,Everything you could ever want in a girl, she is so calm but can be really crazy at times, she is perfect. Simply Perfect.
Boy: Look theres Sacha
Boy 2: Wow, shes hott
#sacha #hott #sexy #amazing #cool #funny
by Someone2777 December 09, 2010
The name origin and meaning of Sacha

Russian Meaning: Helper and defender of mankind.

Diminutive of Alexander (Greek) "man's defender."

Sacha has 2 variant forms: Sascha and Sasha.

"Sacha me" to make cool or to change.

"Sacha it , or "be Sacha" to protect or defend or to be brave.
Sacha,cool,Russian,Greek,Defender, brave, protect
#sacha #cool #russian #greek #defender #brave #protect
by Bertie Hill November 16, 2006
to have an extremely high sex drive
damn that boy had a sacha
#sex #drive #horny #shag #kinky
by 78boomboom August 13, 2008
The best friend you could ever ask for. Sacha will be there for you no matter what. She is so understanding and knows exactly what to say when you are down. She can also be a lot of fun, the best person to call up for a GNO or GNI! She is hard-working and dedicated, but doesn't take herself to seriously. She is loved by everyone around her.
"I need a Sacha right now to help me get through this tough time."
#beautiful #funny #kind #understanding #caring #dedicated #loyal
by canausa February 15, 2013
A Russian name spelled in the French form- can be a uni-sex name. Generally people with this name are extremely mysterious, humble, political about their views and will stand by them till the end, suggested you do not start an argument with a Sacha. Also very loyal people in friendship/relationships. Though beware, Sacha if caught on their bad side, they will be your absolute worst enemy. Sacha's are always successful. The true definition of Sacha is princess warrior as well as defender of man-kind. Sacha will always act with elegance and class. Never try to pass the wall Sacha has built around herself, very few can break these walls. You will never truly understand a Sacha- they keep much to themselves. They are fierce- Sacha Fierce?
Sacha is so Sacha- I can't stand it at times but it is irresistible.
#warrior #russian #french #enemy #strong #true #loving #mysterious
by lanameie December 03, 2014
a russian name spelled in the french way, the name means Helper of man kind also makes it sounds like some dogs name.
She wore all black, she was considerd goth, her name Was sacha and i loved her with all my heart
#name #human #girl #goth #sacha
by Tedo-kun July 25, 2006
wild, jungle in Quechua (indigenous language of Ecuador)
sacha is a direct translation. don't know an example without taking it out of context
#ecuador #jungle #free #wild #indigenous
by sachatattoo September 10, 2009
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