Sacha Pronunciation: (sa-sha)
Meaning: presented with, nicely confronted, approached in a relaxed & honest way.


Being Sashed
swift yet funny, nija style - but with humour, efficient even with slips, trips & scuffs.

Slang - Sash-it

meaning: to give it some sash.
John stood on the pavement and this bloke slid past on the ice, falling off of the curb almost doing a summersault, yet with a beaming smile and genuine belief, managed to place in John's hand a leaflet of his up and coming gig.

John stood shocked yet somehow impresses as he realised that he had in fact been Sashed - it was the Sacha effect.
by Baron Freeman. February 06, 2010
Extremely tall hairy spider thing that upon meeting him warrants a specfic kind of dance that vaguely resembles constipation or giving someone head....
"Saccccchaaaaaa." *bend knees and leans forward*

"It's like we're giving him head!"

"What are you doing tonight?"
"Can I come?!?"

by InkyMeow December 06, 2008

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