Southern and Crazy
SAC means, being from the south and crazy
by stillwill January 11, 2009
Suburban And City Satanic Anti- Christian Spray-can Artist Crew
"Omg! S.A.C. are taking over this part of the neighbourhood!"
"They're going All-City, but in the Suburbs- Suburban All City!"
by Zack 'A.T.A.' Bathory March 26, 2008
Smoke a cigarette
Hey wanna go sac?
by BlackberryBandits November 09, 2010
An organization formed by students attending Deerfield Beach High School in South Florida to promote awareness and stand up against Clasturbators, people who masturbate while in class.
S.A.C put a stop to infamous classturbators like Shan and Augustin.
Yo those new S.A.C shirts are fresh
by Lemywinks1423 October 20, 2010
nickname of a student at CCGS, he was dubbed this title after two fellow students noticed the name of a digimon card that had fallen onto the ground, and this card happened to be within the vacinity of the student. The digimons name:
ANYONE: HEY SAC, you f&#king sack of sac!
by GarthVader September 03, 2008
Sac is an acronym for Sexually active crumpet
I'm going to hit the Sac tonight
by It's yer man again, January 11, 2008
a dollar, a buck
Adam said that stripper he hired costed 200 sacs.
by jb November 06, 2001

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