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An acronym that a slightly obsessed blogger made up for Socialist/Anarchist/Communist.
"Hey dude, did you know that Hitler was a S.A.C?"

"Our country is full of S.A.C.'s... the world is going to end!!"

Fred: "That guy is a S.A.C?? I thought S.A.C. meant 'strategic air command' ?"

Henry: "Nope, that guy is totally a S.A.C.... he has completely gone green. And have you lost your marbles?? Do you get your definitions from urban?? S.A.C. totally means Socialist/Anarchist/Communist!! Hippie!!

Fred: I think you should lay off the bud. You're paranoid. Let's go get some beer and chillax XD!!

Henry: Fascist!!

Fred: :(
by imanottelling October 19, 2011
1 2
Smoke a cigarette
Hey wanna go sac?
by BlackberryBandits November 09, 2010
0 2
An organization formed by students attending Deerfield Beach High School in South Florida to promote awareness and stand up against Clasturbators, people who masturbate while in class.
S.A.C put a stop to infamous classturbators like Shan and Augustin.
Yo those new S.A.C shirts are fresh
by Lemywinks1423 October 20, 2010
3 6
nickname of a student at CCGS, he was dubbed this title after two fellow students noticed the name of a digimon card that had fallen onto the ground, and this card happened to be within the vacinity of the student. The digimons name:
ANYONE: HEY SAC, you f&#king sack of sac!
by GarthVader September 03, 2008
1 4
Sac is an acronym for Sexually active crumpet
I'm going to hit the Sac tonight
by It's yer man again, January 11, 2008
4 7
a dollar, a buck
Adam said that stripper he hired costed 200 sacs.
by jb November 06, 2001
4 8
Student advisery center in guilford high school.

Teacher - if you don't behave I'll send you to SAC
by Marciiii41 November 15, 2007
6 13