1: n. (Medical Acronym) Self-Auditory Chubs Syndrome. Getting a hard-on from hearing oneself talk. People can have SACS over various topics about which they are passionate or on which they think they are experts.

2: v. To SACS out is to go on and on about whatever gives you SACS.
Professor Smartass totally SACS'ed out today in lecture about his current research.

Mothers of only children have hardcore SACS over their seemingly perfect, precious babies.
by NGC August 25, 2007
it means Starving African Child but it refers to a person who is skinny as the fuck.
Shakayla- Becky did you see that Bitch over thea?
Becky- Yes i did. like look at her she has no ass or meat on dem bones. she's such a Fucking SAC!
by Hodrea October 11, 2014
To be part of a clan, gang, group or more commonly team.

A group of people that feel closely related because of a common affection or a common interest.

An epic proportion of man-love between 3 or more members.

A secret S.A.C handshake must be formed which allows all members of said S.A.C to take part simultaneously.
I'm in the S.A.C, we are going together to manvour that epic steak.

The S.A.C loves to watch Fast and Furious movies while partaking in lethal drinking games.
by Crispy Noir May 15, 2011
Sweet as Cake
Paul said: "I figured out the problem, and committed the code to svn". Scott replied: "sac..."
by hookedonit April 15, 2011
SAC means suck.adams.choad... it is a commonly used abrivation. Its somewhat like saying SMD. Or.. in matts word... suck african cock... or suck alotta cream.. but it is again most commonly used as 'Suck Adams Choad'
Kenzie loves to SAC that chicken
by CoolNinjaChickens April 08, 2011
Smoke a cigarette
Hey wanna go sac?
by BlackberryBandits November 09, 2010
An organization formed by students attending Deerfield Beach High School in South Florida to promote awareness and stand up against Clasturbators, people who masturbate while in class.
S.A.C put a stop to infamous classturbators like Shan and Augustin.
Yo those new S.A.C shirts are fresh
by Lemywinks1423 October 20, 2010

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