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(n.) An abbreviation for the small cheep Zergling unit in the Blizzard game, Starcraft. Zerg Rush
OMG!!! So many lings!!! RUN!!!!!!
by SacJester March 04, 2004
1. (n.) one who constantly humors others using the properties of sac.
2. (n.) a funny person in regards to sexual humor.

Jester of the Sac
I am a SacJester!
Martin is a SacJester

For further information, visit: www.SacJester.com
by SacJester March 05, 2004
(n. v. adj. adv.) random word used to express all forms of emotion, confusion, mood, thought, likes, and dislikes.
(MOM) It's dinner time! Are you hungry?
(ME) Poopyheadfacemonkey!!!
(MOM) Do you want me to keep a plate warm?
(ME) Poopyheadfacemonkey!!!
by SacJester March 04, 2004
1. A form of greeting between two males.
2. An announcement by a male human indicating the presence of a beautiful woman.
3. A humerous word that can mean anything if you want it to.

Jester of the Sac
1. Male1: Sac!
Male2: Sac!
2. Male: To Da SaC! SaC!
Others: SaC!
3. Male1: Hey Sac, nice Sac of a car you have.
Male2: Beef! Beef! SaC!
by SacJester March 05, 2004
1. (n.) a 30ft tall intelligent bug-like creature that lives underground in the popular Fantasy series, The Runelords.

Reavers have no eyes or ears, they communicate with smells and scents collected by their philia. It is common for one reaver to eat the brain of another reaver after its death to obtain the knowledge of the dead reaver.
Borenson: That Reaver Mage is really gonna get an ass kicking.

Gaborn: Easy friend, remember, we have a reaver fell mage to fight after this too.
by SacJester March 05, 2004
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