A senior citizen slut. A woman who preys on men as young as her gandchildren. Older than a cougar, who is a woman who preys on men her childrens age. Sabres are the Ice Age ancestors of cougars.
That sabre is stalking the guys putting on the play at her senior center. I thought she was a cougar until her grandson was in my class, she's a saber.
by csans1 September 12, 2010
It's a muscle vehicle, in GTA San Andreas, which was used to murder Beverly Johnson (CJ's Mom).
"People said they saw a green Sabre doing the job, then speeding away"
by Johnson_G August 20, 2007
Homosexual wanker, with the IQ of his microscopic penis
see sabre, gay, wanker.
by Anonymous March 21, 2003
A second tier NHL team in a 9th tier US city; also known as a team that has been in the league longer than any other team (other then the Original Six and St. Louis) without winning the Stanley Cup even once.
Example 1:
Person 1: Dude, my Sabres are doing awesome this year!
Person 2: Sure, remember when they choked in 1999?
Person 1: That was No Goal!

Example 2:
Tampa Bay has exactly one more Stanley Cup than Buffalo.
by CJ DUB May 23, 2008
n. large form of male genetalia, a big penis. opposite of Dagger
Balky unleashed his sabre to the awe of onlookers.
by Pastey February 03, 2003
A deadly piece of Colorguard equipment that, if caught wrong, could physically injure any exposed and in-exposed part of your body, but what the hell, go ahead and attempt to catch a seven! It's pretty!
Undesirable No. 1: "Duuude, that sword is noooice! Could I give it a stab?"

You: " Sure, if you were planning on stabbing yourself!"

You: "Dammit! I got blood on my sabre again!
by You'veGotItAllWrong April 04, 2016
Much like a cougar but older, usually found at the VFW, casinos and other places where the elderly go to relive their glory days.
Damn, look at what that old lady is wearing, she must be a Sabre.
by Sowen September 12, 2015
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