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A senior citizen slut. A woman who preys on men as young as her gandchildren. Older than a cougar, who is a woman who preys on men her childrens age. Sabres are the Ice Age ancestors of cougars.
That sabre is stalking the guys putting on the play at her senior center. I thought she was a cougar until her grandson was in my class, she's a saber.
by csans1 September 12, 2010
It's a muscle vehicle, in GTA San Andreas, which was used to murder Beverly Johnson (CJ's Mom).
"People said they saw a green Sabre doing the job, then speeding away"
by Johnson_G August 20, 2007
Homosexual wanker, with the IQ of his microscopic penis
see sabre, gay, wanker.
by Anonymous March 21, 2003
n. large form of male genetalia, a big penis. opposite of Dagger
Balky unleashed his sabre to the awe of onlookers.
by Pastey February 03, 2003
A second tier NHL team in a 9th tier US city; also known as a team that has been in the league longer than any other team (other then the Original Six and St. Louis) without winning the Stanley Cup even once.
Example 1:
Person 1: Dude, my Sabres are doing awesome this year!
Person 2: Sure, remember when they choked in 1999?
Person 1: That was No Goal!

Example 2:
Tampa Bay has exactly one more Stanley Cup than Buffalo.
by CJ DUB May 23, 2008