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Snow White On Crack (n.) ; commonly used in reference to extremely pale permiscuous individuals, who often take part in intimate activities in public (often falls off the dignity train).
"I saw SWOC having sex on the dancefloor again."
#crack #snow white #crack whore #white trash #pale #dignity train #richmond #university of richmond #classy #pi kappa alpha #greenwich #superman dat hoe
by SWOC Sighter 99 September 26, 2007
The abreviation for Sex Without Contact, usually preformed when an individual is doing repeated motions up and down. or is out of breath. Basically a safer allternative to sex.
John: Chris, what are you doing???

Chris: Oh, me? im SWOC-ing!!! its the new alternative to sex!!! and its safe!!!
#sex #orgasm #contact #without #intercourse
by theawesomepossumbunch April 30, 2009
Sheer weight of cunts
"I can't move for the swoc in here"
#bunch of cunts #surrounded by knobheads #twats #room of dicks #drowning in a sea of cocks
by stubbs Skeats November 24, 2005
to tear and or beat repeatedly. used to describe sexual relations and gang wars among other things
Thayers sweatshirt got swoced to shit at soccer practice
by Danny Summ February 14, 2005
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