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When a boys gets his girl's vaginal juices on his fingers when he fingers her.
(after the petting session)
Boy: oh, yes!!!

Girl: What? Was it bad?

Boy: Hell no!!! i just got a butterfinger!!!
by theawesomepossumbunch April 30, 2009
1. a type of art, which usually depicts Obama with a serious face looking at all of the poverty in the US, or even examining the sky.

2. a type of fashion, coming from the depression time, where the models where rags and other clothes are made of materials such as trash bags, and other recycled stuff
Girl: Matt, where are you going?

Boy: To the new ressesionism show!!! not only are the models going to be dressed in trash bags, but there will also be pictures of Obama all over the place
by theawesomepossumbunch April 30, 2009
The abreviation for Sex Without Contact, usually preformed when an individual is doing repeated motions up and down. or is out of breath. Basically a safer allternative to sex.
John: Chris, what are you doing???

Chris: Oh, me? im SWOC-ing!!! its the new alternative to sex!!! and its safe!!!
by theawesomepossumbunch April 30, 2009
when a guy moves his penis in between a girls vaginal flaps
Jen: "Jason, what are you doing?"

Jason: "I'm trying to put my meat in your taco!"
by theawesomepossumbunch May 12, 2009

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