To simply be you, possibly changing the world for the better with that process. Otherwise, you are possibly swagging, which is (in most cases) to show off.
"Swig is the new Swag." -Chris Brown
by Angel Werd July 26, 2011
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Top Definition
1. Sex With Intoxicated Girls

2. Hard rock band from North Hollywood, California, winner of 2008 Rock City News Best Hollywood band award.
Are you ready for SWIG?
by swig2000 June 13, 2009
Covert way of saying a girl has nice boobs. Usually small boobs. Large boobs are referred to as gulp
She's got some nice swig. DAMN!
by Down Town Julie Brown November 28, 2006
1. to take a deep drink of something liquid
I'm dying of thirst, gimmie a swig of that orange whip!
by Bud E Love May 07, 2003
When someone drinks straight from a bottle of alcohol.
He took a swig from the bottle of goose.
by bosss January 06, 2008
Uhh lil' bit
When drinking Mt. Dew, take a swig.
by Jimmy james-heimer smichd September 09, 2011
A swig is the first spurt of semen that you have to swallow before you can spit the rest out. Usually happens if there is a ridiculous amount of ejaculate.
I had to take a swig there or I would have choked haha
by JJ-DJ January 25, 2015

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