Something We Islanders Got
Another term for swag.
Americans: chayy mr. got some swag

islander: Correction i got swig
by Original Wynie September 10, 2011
To look or appear mug. To look ugly or to to look slumped. Can also mean being really bored and having nothing to do. Very unattractive.
Ew, did you see his face? He is too swig!
by SleepyBrown August 18, 2010
A term used to descibe the movement of flipping your hair/bangs to the side it's supposed to go. Usually the opposite side it's parted on.
She swigged her hair because the boy screwed it up.
My swig is screwed up because the wind raped my hair.
Stop touching my hair! It doesn't swig that way!
by ToxicKiss158 April 11, 2010
means to get some to drink
Aye son, let mi me get a swig my nig.
by Rondell Lee January 11, 2008
You might have swag but i got something you will never have, swig.
by mKushhh July 15, 2011
A unit of measurement for marijuana weighing exactly .8oz (or approximately 22.7 grams).
Michael Phelps picked up a swig from his dealer before hitting up a campus party.
by PuffinInPA7 February 12, 2009
1. gey anal sex
2. eating another mans cock
"time for another swig"
"uH... swiggo"
by trento September 08, 2005

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