To simply be you, possibly changing the world for the better with that process. Otherwise, you are possibly swagging, which is (in most cases) to show off.
"Swig is the new Swag." -Chris Brown
by Angel Werd July 26, 2011
sitting with my niggas
"Yo, I'm outchea SWIG!"
by rattycatty November 06, 2013
When one of your bummy friends ask for a little drink and they end up drinking it all
Bob: "Hey man let me get a swig."
Joe: "Yeah but just a little."
Bob gives the drink back
Joe thinks: "Damn its all gone"
by Skylar217 August 29, 2009
a lil bit left to drink
yo swig that.

take this swig.
by rnh May 27, 2009
Half of a chug
Man 1: Chug this beer.
Man 2: No, I can't
Man 1: Fine, just take a swig you pussy.
by cane4lyf September 15, 2008
Nigger swag. Wearing baggy pants that look like they have a snow shovel of shit in the seat,wearing a ball cap 2 sizes too big for your pin head BACKWARDS,wearing 30 pounds of gold washed junk jewelry,having a 10 carat cubic zirconium stud in each ear,having at least 2 gold teeth and wearing tennis shoes that cost more than your house.
Look at that jasper! He gots swig!!
by wolfbait51 April 29, 2011
To look or appear mug. To look ugly or to to look slumped. Can also mean being really bored and having nothing to do. Very unattractive.
Ew, did you see his face? He is too swig!
by SleepyBrown August 18, 2010

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