This is an abbreviated form of its whole:
Special Weapons And Tactical team
Used by the police for especially dangerous or hazardous situations requiring a specialist approach.
by Didims August 11, 2003
special weapons and tactics. bring out the SWAT team when it's time to really get down to fuckin' business
my toaster has jammed! call the SWAT team!
by Anonymous November 17, 2002
Guys that come when you did something bad. So bad that the cops dont want to handle, or are on a donut break.
"yo, we aint eva gonna get outta thiscoke filled buildin, the swat team is comin!"
by bobby December 12, 2003
a hit of marijuana smoke from a Gravity Bong. i.e. "GB"
Hey, come take this fat swat I just pulled for your ass!
by nickolusman December 08, 2007
Swamp Twat. See also Swass and Marathon Snatch
When she stood up her swat left a wet mark on the bench. Gotta love hot days.
by MattYouKnowWho August 09, 2008
A mindless, mediocre action movie that was completely predictable from start to finish. Collin Ferrel is a turd burglar.
I went to see the movie S.W.A.T. and fell asleep in the movie theater. I woke up when the movie was over and still knew everything that happened.
by ktrane March 03, 2004
South West Alief Texas.
Bitch, Im from the S.W.A.T. I will cut you!
by Carla B. November 04, 2006

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