Since there wasn't a military unit at the ready, the SWAT team had to kick the terrorists' asses and save the hostages.
by OLOL April 06, 2007
The past tense of the act of sweating.
Wesley went blading today, he swat a lot because it was very hot outside.
by oodlesoffun May 10, 2009
Special Weapons And Tactics, An elite force of street cops equipped with the best fucking guns and gear and technology, also a very good movie.
SWAT.... Sometimes even cops call 911....
by ***DESTROY*** August 18, 2003
Summer Winter Action Tours. A huge high school trip/party for all of socal where everyone snowboards, gets extremely fucked up, and hook ups!
What happens at S.W.A.T stays at S.W.A.T...
by essbeezy December 15, 2010
"Speakin Wit Alotta Talent". An upcoming hip hop artist coming out of Melbourne Florida
Dude, have you heard of S.W.A.T?

Yeah, he's super good.
by cool12345667 March 14, 2010
Sexy Wet Ass Titties
Tyson: You see my girl Jessie around? She's the one with some S.W.A.T!
by iwantpacostaco April 29, 2011
Strengths, Weaknesses, Achievements, Threats. Used in business/financial assessment of competition, situation, etc.
"We need to do a SWAT analysis of our competitor in order to better understand ..."
by Steve December 15, 2003

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