kristyn and alexis :D
5 AM sawg (:

we got swaggger and yuu dooont :D
by kristyn and alexis January 18, 2011
Samples, Wearables and Gifts!
Swag is free stuff for promotion
by KelB August 30, 2007
Dirt weed, usally after smoking you recieve a bad high, headaches, no matter what if u can get nug instead of swag do it! i command you.
this stuff sucks!thats because its swag man.
by jim belps August 26, 2003
Shit weed usually sold to young kids from the local dealer at school
-DONT BE around
-P1-Yo son...that shit is cheap. Let's get some!
-P2-Naw Dude! That shit is swag. It aint worth it
by Jay-Dubbs July 24, 2003
An acronym for Stuff We All Get.
If you attend the conference they hand out swag.
by Anonymous December 18, 2002
Not having to look up the definition of swag
You aint got no swag, foo
by TheSwagPoster November 23, 2011
Appearance , Style or The way He or She Presents them Selves.
Or someone that is just straight GANGSTAAAHH !

Other wise known as Stacey and Cammi.
by $T@*ey June 08, 2011

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