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Another word used by black "people" that makes absolutely no sense. English requires almost average intelligence to learn, so most blacks don't even attempt it. English isn't nearly cool enough. It only becomes cool when you pepper your broken, grammatically incorrect sentences with made-up words, like swag.
Mane dis muhfuckin english be hard n shit. It aint got no swag like me i bes da playa fo sho wit bitches and money and watches. Dem swag wheels is swaggin on dubz and swag.
by Black people are aliens August 09, 2010
S.W.A.G. (swag)- Special Weapons and Gear; unofficial military term for all the fancy shit the "highspeed," guys carry.
Did you see the S.W.A.G. those SF guys had? I gotta get me one o' them!
by thatguy524 February 09, 2010
Rubbish/Shit. A word used to describe something not very good. Most used by those of whom blaaaze.
"man that hoody is swag"
"pftt...swag phone"
by the JM January 25, 2009
Adj: used to describe something or someone which/who could only be described as cool, awesome, or otherwise incredible in every way.
"That dude is swag."

"How was the movie?"
"Pretty swag."
by M. Geib April 23, 2008
to be swallowed by vagina
Pedro suffered death by swag when Monica sat on his face.
by Marcraine February 10, 2008
1) Something that a comical robber might keep all of his stolen stuff in.
2) Not very good, rubbish.
1) Oi, let me see tonights swag.
2) Dat game is well swag.
by 2shay January 04, 2007
Note - Swag is not to be confused with Schwag (Mexican marijuana as opposed to North American marijuana which typically contains a much higher THC content.)

1. Stolen Without A Gun - in the concert industry this term refers to promotional items distributed normally at a concert to roadies and employees of the concert company (although most concert companies were merged into "SFX Entertainment" from 1997-2000 and later sold off to "Clear Channel Communications" which also owns large majority of U.S. radio stations.) People have made up many other explanations for this acronym, but this is the original meaning according to many people within the music industry.

2. The belongings of Australian bushman which they rolled and carried while traveling by foot.

3. Scientific ass wild guess - This acronym was popular in the 1980's, meaning a highly accurate guess not backed up with scientific evidence.
1. Tonight the promoter gave me this great swag.

2. The Aborigines traveled with their swag.

3. I listened to his swag and it made lots of sense.
by Doug D. Smith December 04, 2006