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Like the people who dress in Your a Jerk - New Boyz video.
Hey, you have swag cus you dress like the people in the Your a Jerk video by New Boyz!
by JAEDEEEEE July 15, 2009
Black Charisma
"What is swag?" "Its like Black Charisma"
by wildcats son! February 06, 2009
shit weed, barylly chronic
Man that swag hardly buzzed me.
by Nicky smoke smoke May 23, 2007
Acronym for Stuff We All Get

Promotional objects that gaming companies,TV stations,radio stations and all other media groups give people that pay $25 dollars to get into thier convention.

Comes in the form of t-shirts,stickers,coffee mugs,ect.
My friend:"I got this swag from E3"
Me:"that shirt Nintendo gave you for Nintendo sucks hardcore.Never wear it."
My friend:"But the booth babe gave it to me...."
by Asylum September 18, 2005
a really stupid person/thing that is usally taken the piss with.the word ''swag'' is a british thing that every1 seems 2 be saying.
1 girl: oi, maxie u wanka your swag
maxie:blush really embarrsed and upset
other girls: laughing
by x X x gyal July 21, 2005
Good, Great, Cool, Nang, Excellant
Did you see that? That was Swag
by Craig Butcher May 13, 2005
1.used to describe your loot(items stolen) from a robbery
3.fake,not real, not legit,not good.Can be used in a variety of contetxs this way
1.Got some great swag last night
2.That was a swag shot
3.Thats a swag nike tick on your shirt man
by Max SIlberhorn April 04, 2005