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going out on a daily basis, dressed head to toe in swag.
Joe: 'That guy looks fresh again'
Tom: 'he has standard swag'
by Soph.White December 17, 2011
Swag is how you carry yourself, and how you dress without looking like a overdressed hooded nob.

You do NOT have swag if you wear a t shirt with the word on it, nor do you have it if you wear overexposed chinos half way down your arse. you just look like a fucking nob.

oh, and if you go around saying you have swag, then you probably don't. people will instantly recognize if you have swag, they don't need reminding or telling. douche.
cap+skinny jeans+suitable(notoverthetop)footwear= standard swag.
by Soph.White December 17, 2011
Something many people don't actually own, but brag on about it like they're fucking pimp daddy etc.

You have 'swag' by the way you dress, and carry your self. NOT by wearing stupid ass t-shirts with the word on it, or wearing overexposed chinos that hang of your arse.
wearing a cap, jumper, skinny jeans = standard swag.
by Soph.White December 17, 2011
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