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The conscious act of hoarding and using as many bland and increasingly meaningless clichés and clothing as one can; the latter usually accomplished through fervent and excessive purchases of exorbitant products made by corporations that propagated the idea of swag to begin with.

It is essentially the most anti-creative, anti-intellectual and classless habit of modern proletariat.
Anthony: You heard about Joe?

Crystal: No, what?

Anthony: I'm a little worried. He works for $7.30/hr 30 hours a week at Arby's. He just bought a SWAGGER Camo & Chambray shirt on his fourth credit card even though he's got $13275 in debt and is getting hassled by collections agencies all day long. What kind of sense does that make?

Crystal: Oh hell yeah, that SWAGGER jump off! He ain't care. Stop hating, jealous bitch, wish you had swag.
by Rainbow Wong August 10, 2012


Man 1:Dude, i have alot of swag
Man 2: You had sex with a ginger???
by bendover69 March 14, 2013
Something Justin Bieber doesn't have.
Justin Bieber: "I HAVE SO MUCH SWAG!"

Me: "No you don't, just stop."
by SlothsAreCoool January 19, 2014
Swag is the semen from when two men have anal sex and the 'bottom', who's receiving the sperm from the other, keeps the semen (swag) inside him before showering. If someone says they have 'swag' they mean they've recently engaged in homosexual activities, still have the swag in their rectum and haven't yet showered.
Guy 1: I have so much swag.
Guy 2: No-one wants to know.
by Harlequinist/Sluth December 20, 2013
An ornamental festoon of flowers or greenery.
"Hey dude, look at all my swag."

"I don't see any real flowers or greenery, you dumbass"."
by Someone who will find you. October 31, 2013
A phrase utilized by faggoteers who try to appear flashy and hipster. However they are only presenting themselves as a major league douche bag supreme, as this saying means "Secretly we are gay".
Simply the word "swag" is used by little kids who think they are cool but instead misunderstand the true underlying meaning of the word and trying to imply they are homosexuals
Person 1: Yo who has swag?
Person 2: Angus Ng does.
Person 1: Who is he?
Person 2: That gay guy who leads the gay pride parade
by The Tricksteroo September 08, 2013
Situation Wild Aim Guns
Listen Up! The C.O. radio'ed, we have 65 insurgents moving into attack and spotting positions, SWAG, SWAG!

Light 'Em Up!

Crackle of gun fire heard.
by Mr.Blackwater1979 April 29, 2012
Possibly the best nickname in the world. Once you hear it, you want to know the girl better she is obviously super cool and a total babe. The girl can hang with the best. Gotta love herr.
SWAGSS! I love you girll.
by Swagsz9 July 21, 2010