Souveniers, Wearables and Gifts
The campaign was donating SWAG to give to potential voters.
by Bruce Dennison March 25, 2004
An alternative term for pirate's treasure. Like booty.
Me holds are burstin' with swag.
by chocobo_knight91 July 17, 2012
Idiot-speak for "cool".

If you know any person that has used the word swag more than 5 times in their life, you can go ahead and assume 1) they will never graduate from High School 2) they will probably never amount to anything and 3) they will never be smarter than a street light.
Person 1 "LOL iM sO sWaG yO"
Person 2 "LOL You're going to spend the rest of your life depending on the U.S. Government, yo!
by Kittens. July 23, 2012
swag (swăg)

a. An ornamental drapery or curtain draped in a curve between two points.
b. An ornamental festoon of flowers or fruit.
c. A carving or plaster molding of such an ornament.
2. Slang. Stolen property; loot.
3. Australian. The pack or bundle containing the personal belongings of a swagman.
***a. Common American Slang. Cheap, low quality marijuana with a low level of THC. Typically said to range ~30USD for 1/8 lb. depending on locale.***
b. Slang. Herbal tea in a plastic sandwich bag sold as marijuana to an unsuspecting customer.

intr.v., swagged, swag·ging, swags.
1. Chiefly British. To lurch or sway.
2. Australian. To travel about with a pack or swag.

Probably of Scandinavian origin.

Scientific Wild Ass Guess
Semantic Web Agreement Group
Shock Wave Generator
Silly Wild Ass(ed) Guess
Simulated Waste Access to Ground Water
Sold Without A Guarantee
Sophisticated Wild Ass Guess
Souvenirs, Wearables And Gifts
Standard Written Agreement
Still Wondering and Guessing
Stolen While At Gig
Stuff We Acquired Gratis
Stuff We All Get
Mike threw some cannabis seeds out in some wild field returned and a year later to collect his swag.
by loki goes rawr July 20, 2004
SWAG stands for Stuff We All Get, typically when attending an expo or trade show. You get SWAG when people at booths hand out free stuff like pens, prizes, etc.
Look at all of this SWAG!
by Ronniy February 25, 2008
Traditional Australian camp bed. Highlighted in "Waltzing Matilda" by Banjo Paterson.
Friend: Hey lets go camping
Me: Sure, I'll grab my swag.
by andycidau July 19, 2012
1. ORIGINAL Defintion: "Super Wild Ass Guess"

This term arose out of the military from WWII, generally attributed to field artillery officers who asked their spotters to "swag it" when asked for an approximation of how to adjust. This expanded to all of the military, and then entered use by the rest of the world. "Swag" with this meaning has been around for nearly 70 years and is still used widely in the military and business world to this day.

2. Something given out to everyone within a specific group of people, be it the PTA, or all the attendants of a seminar, or even all the people visiting a certain booth at a convention. Also items within a bag of the same name as in "Swag bag"

3. Very recently (late 2000s, early 2010s), coming out of the ghetto, a shortening of the word swagger, used in place of extreme confidence/cocky attitude. Also see tude
1. "I dunno exactly how far away I could hit a target with the M107, but I'd take a SWAG at 2 miles, at least."
"Can't tell you precisely what revenues were last year, but I could swag it at $10 million or so."

2. "O! M! G! Did you see all the swag we're getting this year Becky!?! And just for going to cheerleader camp!?!"

3. "Dat's right mutha-fucka, she's wit me, cuz I got swag!"
by ChiefW4 June 15, 2011
A U.S. Army acronym, and it stands for:

That's not a real answer Mr. Ortiz, that's a total S.W.A.G.
by Phenomenal1 August 03, 2010

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