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what is up, another form of greeting a homie
hey, supp, how you feeling?
by fosheeezy May 14, 2003
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1.) For those of us that think using "sup" is too plain...
2.) A way for lazy people to say "What's up?" "What up?" or even "sup?"
3.) Often followed by MANY ? (question marks) because... um... y not?
4.) Can also have as many p's as you want...
5.) tends to make people think about it for a second to them selves before answering
6.) usually used in IM chat (well duh, how are you gonna notice the ps and ?s if you said it out loud?)
7.) usually answered with nm (nothin much)
Me: Hi
You: Hey
Me: Suppppppppppppp????????????????????????
(You Thinking: Hmmmm, whats with all the ps and ?s... What evs, its amazing)
You: nm
You: u?
Me: nm
by Mako Hommie March 30, 2008
A derivative of the popular greeting 'what's up,' usually addressed towards females who are rather well-endowed. In reference to the word 'supple' which in turn references aforementioned female's chest area.
DERRICK: "Supps, Steph Cai?!"

STEPH CAI: "Umm..."
by zoyers December 21, 2010
Short abbreviation for the word "Supplements"
Used online amongst the fitness and bodybuilding community.
(1) " Just ordered new supps today from *insert company name here* "
by Dumbbell Boy December 31, 2014
fucking sexy beast, the largest peen on the soutside yo.
by supp February 07, 2003
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