1) The new generation's alternative word for "cool".

The new generation originally used swag to describe anyone thought to carry themselves in a way considered by some to be sexy / cool.
Note: considered to be retarded by many others.

Now it is used to describe anything thought to be cool, initiating the irk of previous generations and members of the new generation that disagree with new words.

A similar upset arose with "Groovy" v "cool". Groovy disappeared from the majority of vocabularies within 10 years, foreshadowing the fate of swag.

2) Said previous generations acronym to make fun of the new phenomenon. S.W.A.G "Secretly We Are Gay"
"That guy's got swag"

"I have 10x more swag than you do"

"I just fell down, lol. Swag."

"Crush, kill, destroy, swag."
by Azs September 13, 2012
The most useless word in the English language.
My swag is off the charts!
by 19-25 December 11, 2011
A stupid, retard excuse used by lame ass thugs and hipsters to justify the bullshit style and fucked up color matching they wear.
Random Guy: Why the hell are you wearing a jean jacket with lime green sweats, an orange plaid shirt, and pink sneakers?

Gay hipster: Cause I have swag. Yolo.
by BobbyJo3 August 21, 2012
The most annoying word ever. Period
Girl: Swag
Guy: Shut Up
by Psychedelic Phenomenon September 26, 2011
S- Secretly
W- We
A- Are
G- Gay
Gay people that are in the closet are a prime example of what swag represents.
by Someone_who_is_not_important July 19, 2012
What dipshits who think they're cool say. Swag is basically the most overused term, mainly by faggy "popular kids" who think that teenage angst will get them far in life. These kids have no life, and therefore need to kill themselves.
Faggot: Look at him, he's got killa swag.
Smart person: Shut the fuck up.
by iHateDouchebags February 02, 2012
a military acronym meaning scientific wild-ass guess
i took a SWAG at it and i say it's about 200 yards away.
by luv4gunz June 13, 2007

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