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Secretly We Are Gay = S.W.A.G
Faggots who randomly rep "S.W.A.G" at random moments for no apparent reason thinking they're cool/different when really they're the "haters" they claim to despise.
by "Minotauro" Mason March 21, 2012
78 45
A word that originally meant "free stuff." But some rapper used it in a song, and is now the #1 most used word ever. Basically means you sag your pants and wear sideways hats.
Guy 1: I got so much swag!
Guy 2: Please shut up.
by nope.avi June 14, 2013
29 4
Acronym for Secretly We Are Gay
That guy is Swag
Yeah I know he needs help out of the closet
by capitol sin November 20, 2011
103 79
Swag: Something people think they can achieve by acting like a d-bag and make themselves think that they're really-really tight. Symptoms include trying to act a lot smoother but end up looking like you don't know what reality is because your mind is cluttered with douche. Swag affects many people, like the African American race, but is much funnier when white people are affected.
Random Douche: "Wassup player?"
Guy: "Uh...your white and you live in the suburbs, remember?"
Random Douche: "Whaa? You crazy! Ahaa! SWAG!"
Guy: "..."
by ICanReadTheAlphabet June 10, 2011
73 48
Another word for fag; gay; homosexual; someone only concerned with being an unwitty dumbass; focused on materialism or things without true meaning; someone with no purpose in life; not intelligent; letting little pieces of paper control your life because it is led to be cool from the moment you are born, usually through the media; gullible; readily accepting a lie; someone who does not amount to anything since they are too busy chasing common wealth/fool's gold because they think that is what people do in life; someone who does not sacrifice; no knowledge of self; someone easily manipulable; weak; frail See Example
Your just a fag, only concerned with your bullshit swag.

Why are you only focused on swag instead putting energy into something that is actually worth something? For example, spending money on protection (cameras, bulletproof vests, art of war, etc) rather than spending it on bullshit (designer clothes, rims, video games, etc).
by dumbkilla September 23, 2011
281 261
Secretly We Are Gay. Usually used when someone is trying to come out of the closet without most people knowing. See homosexual or justin bieber.

Another Definition: Walking with your pants on the ground, talking like this: Wassup homie you know i got swag!
Guy 1: Guy 2 should we say it?
Guy 2: we shall.
Guy 1: SWAG!
Person who knows meaning: gasp!
Person who doesnt: LOL me too
Person who knows meaning: Gasp!

He had swag so he was destined to be forever alone.
by DERPBRO October 04, 2012
55 38
a word that needs to be put in the dirt and everyone that says it should kill themselves
Jonny:supp swag
Me:I going home to listen to Rebbecca Black
by Cameron Taylor October 09, 2011
57 40