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A woman (hopefully) whose sole reason for existence is sucking cock.
My girlfriend is a suck monkey.
by GS March 18, 2004
A kiss ass. Boot Licked. Sycophante. A total suck up.

Also: Vampiric Vaginal Tract
Only a Suck-Monkey like you would give their bitch boss a birthday card...
by FireMoth February 20, 2006
taken from Invader Zim, a suck monkey is any flavored frozen slush drink that can most commonly be bought in convenience stores.

brand names would be Slurpee, Slushy, Icee, ect.
lets search the couch for change and then go get suck monkeys from the gas station!
by evilcorey October 27, 2004
a vampire
Person 1 "Hey Jim see that guy over there?"
Person 2 "Yeah"
Person 1 "he's got to be a suck monkey"
by H1MS3LF November 23, 2008
A slang term used when one person is particularly pissed at another, usually after being pwn3ed in a video game.Is used usually when the host's parents are home and do not accept swearing.
by NarutoUzamaki7 November 23, 2005
noun/verb/adjective. something is putrid, repugnant
I got an F, but the teacher is a suckmonkey. -or- You broke your arm? th is so suckmonkey
by Ewizzle October 15, 2003

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