Scoop the Poop. eating out. but the other side.

Similar to the well-known rim job, or gravy rake, STP refers to the kissing/eating/licking aka SCOOPING of the ass aka POOP.

When using STP in the progressive tense, the -ing is to be distributed to the S and not the P. It is NOT Scoop the Pooping. It is Scooping the Poop.

Also acceptable: Essing some P.

In reference to the Carl Jung personality test, one who scores: I-introvert, S-sensate, T-thinking, P-perceiving, will be assigned the personality type of: ISTP. this person will most likely be more prone to Essing your P. If your P is in the process of being Essed, you most likely do not fit his personality type.
If you do fit this personality type, be sure to carry around Listerine. Also, beware of pink eye.
BF to shrink: "My girlfriend, shes been acting withdrawn lately."
Shrink: "If you really love her, you should STP. That's love."
BF: "You're right. I'll do it."


beachgirl09: "Hey. Lawlz, u should totally check out my new piks. 4rlz."
MacDaddy200:"U r rlly hot. Wanna STP nbd? lol"


"That bitch has a nice ass...STP Baby!"
#rim job #gravy rake #stp #s.t.p. #s-t-p #butt #munch #eating #ass #love #scooping #poop
by captainbuttmunch December 16, 2007
Top Definition
Shavin The Pubes!!
Jo- Cho- "yea foo so whats up? what are you doing?"

Bryant-Rachi- " ahhh foo stp, i got a date tonight.!!"
#pubes #shaving #chillin #razors #dating.
by Jo-Cho August 16, 2009
Secret Tweaker Pad, from the Sublime song, S.T.P. It's a place where one can chill and do drugs and hide out after committing a crime.
Get out of my S.T.P!
by con4mconsumeobey January 18, 2005
Stone Temple Pilots. Originally stood for Shirley Temple's pussy. But the band had to change the meaning when they became main stream.
The Band S.T.P. could still be a great band making great music if Scott Weiland could stay off the Horse.
#horse #heroin #scott weiland #stone temple pilots #smack
by brutha from a nutha mutha May 20, 2006
Standard Temperature and Pressure, a Chemistry term referring to gasses under normal or ideal conditions.
S.T.P for oxygen gas is 25 degrees c and 1 atm of pressure
by Steve December 04, 2003
Stone Temple Pilots, a great band
by Anonymous September 29, 2003
Standard Temperature and Pressure
It is used to describe a substance at....
Pressure: 1 atm; 760 mmHg; 101,300 pascals
Temperature: 0°C, 32 F, 273.15 K (kelvin)

It is often used to describe gasses.
The water was starting to freeze at STP.
At STP one mole of gas will occupy 22.4 liters.
#chemical #chemistry #pressure #temperature #pascal #kelvin #atm #mmhg
by Transpolar Drift Stream July 19, 2011
Stand To Pee.
You know... guys do it.

This usually applies to transgender men (FtM female to male).
I can't seem to get the hang of STP'ing...
#peeing #trans #ftm #transgender #man
by wwelpo April 29, 2011
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