An old adage from the 1960s to the 1980s, during the Indianapolis 500 glory days of the partyin' Snake Pit in Turns 1 and 4, meaning to "Start The Party." Of course, this was before the evil Tony George took over the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and made it family-friendly.
Hey Joseph, when will they STP during the month of May at the Speedway?
by L. Smitherman May 25, 2007
Shell Town Playa {s}
he a s.t.p.
by Melissa May 11, 2003
STP is an acronym for Surplus Tit Packets. Surplus Tit Packets are formed when women wear a bra which is quite evidently too tight/small, combined with a form fitting shirt, such that parts of her breasts which can't be adequately contained by the ill-fitting bra create a spill-over affect.
It's bad enough that the girl had FUPA, but she also had STP; she was bursting out all over.
by Adam Craig Urban May 09, 2008
The city St. Paul Minnesota. Area code 651
Aint nowhere to be but the stp
by 2HaRdFoRlOmBaRd September 12, 2007
Secret Tweeker Pad

From the song by Sublime, "STP", the hot dope spot, the place you go to buy and do a shot, ("and if she made off with my last clean rig, I'm gonna kill that fuckin ditch pig", rig is a syringe) of heroin, which was what Bradley Nowell did. "My secret tweeker pad is now the hottest dope spot in town" It's the place to cop dope that too many people are finding out about. "I just take it nice and easy, don't want no sheriff breakin down the door to raid me"
Let's go to the STP and boot up
by sublime_heina November 24, 2006
Secret Tweaker pad where we hide. Tweakin is when you are on meth...hence its the place where Bradley tweaked for days and wrote songs. Listen to some sublime songs and you will hear it alot.
"My secret tweaker pad (STP) is now the hottest dope spot in town I guess."- brad
by Chris Tyrrell September 22, 2006
1.serenity tranquility peace
2.a song by sublime
1.the stp is 5 bucks a pill
2.see sublime
by bob0 September 28, 2003

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