Stand To Pee.
You know... guys do it.

This usually applies to transgender men (FtM female to male).
I can't seem to get the hang of STP'ing...
by wwelpo April 29, 2011
(Sexually Transmitted Psychosis)

A mental disorder, originating from Caron, passed on through any kind of sexual contact, ie. kissing, holding hands, intercourse, in which the sufferer causes fights at social gatherings.
"Wow, Frank was really aggressive last night, i think he might have STP!"
by Anonymous STP Sufferer December 21, 2003
Sexually Transmitted Pandas.

A panda on the wrist is the only sign of STPs.
Guy: "hey whats with all these people with pandas on their wrists?"
Girl: "they have STPs"
by ThePotStamp November 23, 2011
The short form for the band Stone Temple Pilots.
Did you hear STP's great new song?
by Me ; July 05, 2003
Slang for the long lasting psychedelic 2,5-dimethoxy-4-methylamphetamine, also known as DOM. STP was said to stand for Serenity, Tranquility, and Peace. Has properties related to LSD. The high comes in at around half an hour after swallowing the tablet and is at peak at 2 to 3 hours depending on the quantity consumed. High can last 14 to 20 hours depending on dosage (14 to 20 according to 3 - 10 mg of STP consumed)

At 1 mg: Eyes dilated, mouth somewhat dry, and eerie feeling.

At 2.3 mg: Mood elevation, emotional effects and colors become radiant.

At 3 mg: Observation enhanced. Brighter and more colors

At 4 mg: Arousing sensation. Colors intensify and slight hallucinations occur. Effects similar to LSD and Mescaline.

At 5 mg: Magnification of light, colors, and odors. Slight feeling of unhappiness along with joy. Hallucination occurs but can be stopped at will.

At 8 mg: Music and visual warp into one being. "An off-beat fantasy."

At 10 mg: Same as 8 mg, but effects come sooner and lasts a little longer.

At 12 mg: Tremors, feeling of paralysis with music and visuals binding into an erotic fantasy.

Anyone planning on attempting to take STP should know that the effects may take up to an hour or two to show, so taking more dose is strictly unrecommended.
Boy #1: My parents were gone for the weekend so I tried STP. Minutes became hours and hours became days.

Boy #2: My trip went from good to horrible when my parents came in while I reached 3 hour mark on STP. The bad trip should be punishment enough.
by Dr. Ug January 27, 2010
A street name for the drug DOM, a form of petroleum waste. Dom was slightly popular in the mid-60s, being a masivly powerful hallucenagenic, much stronger than LSD, however popularity dropped off after a large number of overdoses and deaths, due to the fact that hospitals did not know what "STP", the most common name, was, the patient would suffer severe brain damage or death, sadly overdosing on Dom is a fairly cureable situation if done so timely, but it took too long for hospital staffs to make the connection of dom to STP.
man my uncle took some STP when he was younger, he fucking fried his brain with that shit!!
by J-pizzle November 28, 2006
An old adage from the 1960s to the 1980s, during the Indianapolis 500 glory days of the partyin' Snake Pit in Turns 1 and 4, meaning to "Start The Party." Of course, this was before the evil Tony George took over the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and made it family-friendly.
Hey Joseph, when will they STP during the month of May at the Speedway?
by L. Smitherman May 25, 2007

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