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1. Greeting
2. Lame
3. Anything else you can think of
1. Stol Peter, how're you doing?
2. That was a stol party last night.
3. I'm going to stol your stol like I've never stol'd before.
by katgirl December 03, 2003
stands for Said That Out Loud
Jasmine: OMG Morgan is such a slut
Jewel: I KNOW!!!! (stol)
by SPCJM February 19, 2011
specific nickname for the shorter lisa, a variation on tol, abbreviation for "shawty the other lisa"
Stol, do you ever get a case of the Mondays?
by lisagirl April 07, 2003
To hit, punch, smack
Ol girl came up to her window n stol on that heffa
by Alisha January 18, 2005