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STD Grab Bag refers to a person who is so promiscuous that he or she has many STD's (sexually transmitted diseases). Like a grab bag that you would get at a birthday as a child you would pull out many wonderful gifts such as: a pencil, pixie stix, stickers, or a puzzle. But with an STD Grab Bag you can pull out: genital warts, syhpillis, chlamydia, or ghonnorea. Yay!
Maggie is an STD Grab Bag; she has slept with every guy in town.
by Meghan June 09, 2004
A fucking splendid hardcore punk band out of the the Chicago suburbs.

Originally called the 'Target Rats', they decided to change their name and asked the crowd at a show for ideas; STD Grab Bag was the one they went with, and have remained since.
ME: Hey Jesus, let's go to the STD Grab Bag show!

JESUS: Fuck yeah!
by Peter December 14, 2004
When you mention to a potential sexual partner that you do not have condoms on you, and they reply 'So?!?' without hesitation.
Man I'm waiting to see what I caught from that std grab bag last night. That girl didn't give a damn that I didn't have condoms on me.
by systemengineer August 10, 2009
a common insult meaning "someone who randomly gives Sexually Transmitted Deseases" usually directed toward enemies or overpriced prostetutes
Enemy: You call that a penis? That's pathetic.
Homie 1: Your cock may be large, but I bet you're an STD grab-bag.
by Bensta November 30, 2005
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