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SR - Nissan Motor Series usually referring to SR20DE/SR20DET
yo, nice S13... you got an SR under there?
by Anonymous July 29, 2003
Seaman recruit, a NAVY term.
Petty officer 1: "Where did he come from"
Petty officer 2: "Oh, he's a new SR"
by Jesse Marclef February 17, 2009
statutory rape

Old and busted = Jail Bait
New hotness = SR

Synonym: jail bait.
"Damn, check out those fuine hunnies over there!"
"They're SR dawg, SR."
by dobiedoo September 20, 2004
Short for Suicide Rate. A number between 1 and 100 (1 being low and 100 being high) describing how suicidal a person is feeling at the time.
Person 1: I can't believe you made me go to that Liza Minnelli concert.
Person 2: Yeah my SR is off the hook.
Person 1: I think my SR jumped to 97 when she sang "Money."
Person 2: I think I'm going to go braid a noose.
by Daniel Logsdon March 30, 2008
An abbreviation for a Sexual Referencing game in which you and your friends listen for double meanings in lectures or anything else you come across and purposefully misunderstand them as being perverse.
During class:
You "Hey, psst! wanna play SR?"
Friend "Sure!"

Other student "Mrs! the sharpener is broken again and my pencil's stuck inside!"
Teacher "Push harder and wiggle it around a bit"

You and Friend "Bwahhahahaa!"
by KiddingKendrick January 11, 2011
Sexual release
Baby come over I need an sr
by catoxx3 December 02, 2010
This is an acronym for Soul Router. You encounter a SR whenever you and your friend are thinking the same thing at the same time. This is called a Soul Router because if you have a SR you sold your soul for a router to communicate with your friends without talking.
Dashivsta: "OMG"

Adop: "Dude, were you just thinking the same thing as me??"

Dashivsta: "Were you just thinking of Jessica Simpson's boobiezes too??!"

Adop: "Holy shit!! You have a SR!!"

Dashivsta: "Ya, I know, I sold my soul for a router"
by Dashivsta February 09, 2008