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Similar to a night terror, a Brown Terror refers to a dream so mortifying that it causes a person to have a sudden and involuntary release of fecal matter whilst sleeping. Often accompanied by urination.

A Brown Terror often includes screaming as a result of realizing you just slept in your own shit.
Daniel saw his extremely unattractive music teacher play a box instrument in an erotic position with caused him to experience persistent Brown Terrors for the remainder of the week.
by KiddingKendrick January 02, 2011
An abbreviation for a Sexual Referencing game in which you and your friends listen for double meanings in lectures or anything else you come across and purposefully misunderstand them as being perverse.
During class:
You "Hey, psst! wanna play SR?"
Friend "Sure!"

Other student "Mrs! the sharpener is broken again and my pencil's stuck inside!"
Teacher "Push harder and wiggle it around a bit"

You and Friend "Bwahhahahaa!"
by KiddingKendrick January 11, 2011

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