Acronym- Secret Pocket Wank.
"my girlfriend was shouting about the cleaning, while I executed an s.p.w"
by s.p.w December 21, 2009
Top Definition
An acronym for Severe Pussy Withdrawal. A disorder in which a male is cut off of his supply of natural or artificial pussy. Results are, but not limited too: severe mood swings, aggressive behavior, depression, and a feeling of loneliness.
Patrick hit that worthless hood rat because he is suffering from SPW.
by Jack Kinnoff October 10, 2011
(Sex Per Week) The amount of times a person has sex during the course of the week
BS: My SPW is at an amazing 7
JM: Oh bullshit
by LouDorchen December 05, 2010
Secret Pocket Wank
Friend: Dude, that is wrong, stop having an SPW in class.
by CEzzzz December 26, 2009
Smart Person Word. A word that you come across while reading that only smart people use.
"In the presence of the king, he was an obsequious servant."

Carl: That's a total SPW!
by ILoveMyDucksMoreThanYou October 10, 2011
Sugar pill week. the time of the month that girls, who are taking birth control of the 28 day kind, have placebo, or sugar pills, for the entire week.
me: >.< My mini-me factory is angry, on strike, and drawing blood.
my friend: SPW again?
me: yes.
by MOTHERFUCKIN' PLATYPUS! December 04, 2010
pronounced "spwuh". spw means sucks or blows.
that's really spw. your mom's really spw
by anicole February 08, 2006
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