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male sex toy often has vibrators inside to give pleasure that a normal pussy just cant do. also see fleshlight - its another male sex toy
i broke up with jen cause i got an artificial pussy.
by WTFFF October 13, 2007
The practice (among gay men) of using a low viscosity lubricant (for instance, hand lotion) when having anal intercourse. This practice may have originated in order to better simulate the low friction of a woman's vagina, perhaps more common as the number of bi-sexual men has significantly increased in the last decade, often desiring a more soft, low friction experience.
Typically, the lotion is squirted into the anus prior to intercourse, often hours before. Therefore no preparation or lubricant is required before intercourse, creating a more spontaneous and natural experience, an artificial pussy.
by mandrakeblue January 07, 2012
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