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A hot girl/guy, used as code word for a person that TURNS ONE ON.
Jimmy thinks Britney Spears is sexy, therefore Britney Spears is spongey.
by C-Bu November 16, 2003
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someone who robs/ponces/scrounges from his mates and anyone around him.
that spankee is a right spongey!
by SIKKOBAMBERFISHCOK November 08, 2008
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An item or person that is generally agreed to be good, but for no particularly specifiable reason, thereby giving off a general aura of genuine 'goodness'.
Having genuine worth (unlike shifty) but achieving it effortlessly (unlike stripper)
Being spongey is an extremely desirable state of existence
Forget about that tart Katrina, she's stripper. Not like Kristine; now there's a spongey chick.

Spent last night round at Jamie's place, had a few beers, watched the footy - it was spongey.

Gees when I first met Kirby I thought she was shifty...but once you get to know her she's actually pretty spongey

by caughey March 20, 2008
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The greatest sponge ever, taken away from us so unduely. Oh cruel, heartless injustice, why do you mock me so?
a poem for spongey.
I know you have gone to a better place, but you will always have a place in our hearts

spongey, spongey, spongey my love
taken away so fast
no warning, swept away like a river of loss
thoughtless actions the result of thoughtless parents
but where did you go?
they tried to replace you, bastards, bastards, cunts
i love you spongey, and now you are gone

a quick message to Steph's parents,
i hope you learn that love is not for rent
you broke my heart, it is twisted and bent
you did the world injustice
i hope you know the sorrow you caused
the tears that will be shedded
now that our beloved sponge is bedeaded
you fucks, look what you did!
replaced our hearts with a two for one offer
Tesco; the landlord, powerwhore is going to burn
by The G January 19, 2004
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Something not quote right. Just a little off.
I know someone who did molly and then acted spongey.
Did you see that girl dancing last night? She looked so spongey.
Pouring milk in your nose is a spongey thing to do.
via giphy
by Unknown 28312 April 09, 2017
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