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n. A site where free speech is encouraged.
I have to agree with the guy that was talking about hydrocarbon Cannon, you go in there with an IQ of 100 and after years of sleepless nights on that site you learn that Totse causes insommia, lack of sleep, sleepless nights, and waste of electricty.
by sss3d July 16, 2004
n. The location in which one trades and sell illegal commidity smuggled from an illegal source esp. outside of the location.
Buy High, Sell low. Profit= -$100
Get High, Get low. Morality= -6043
by sss3d July 16, 2004
I also heard this calculator joke in Third grade from a friend.
A woman had 69(press 69) boobs,
which she was 2(press 2), 2(press 2), 2(press 2) much.
So she went to 51st(press 51) street
to visit DR. X (press multiply)
8(ate) press 8) her boobs and now she's

6922251x8= BOOBLESS
by sss3d July 16, 2004
My way of spelling remember, when I carelessly type.
I rember the day when I didn't mistype rember.
by sss3d July 16, 2004
n. A person against fear of stars.
He is an Anti-astrophobian.
by sss3d January 30, 2004
n. The act of turning a car on.
I hotwiring a car with my hands.
by sss3d July 16, 2004
A nmemonic/abreviation for
I get X=10394902385098509238409238409328409328092380924830948^X amount of spams everday.
by sss3d July 16, 2004

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