1. Special Patrol. A grafiti gang in Australia.
2. Sick Posse.
3. Smoke POT.
4. Straight-out Player.
1. "SP is well represented."
2. "I been chilling with an SP lately."
3. "Keen to SP? Cool, Let's bounce."
4. "Man, that SP has all the bitches."
by Diego August 14, 2003
adj. to be slow, stupid, socially inclined, to have ADD, randomness disease

n. to be a stupid, slow, wrongly-functioning person.

v. to do something stupid, slow, blonde, socially inclined such as throwing up in class.
it can be used as a verb:
"stop sp-ing all over the place!"
or as a adjective:
"that was such an sp thing to do, you bick."
or as a noun:
"sp puked in miss bibby's class yesterday."
#i #really #have #no #clue
by colly and giulia November 11, 2005
Many RP's SP means Silver Piece.
WTS Long Sword 10sp PST!
by Soljia March 03, 2005
1. acronym for South Philly
Person: what'd he write in your yearbook?
Me: "SP for life"
Person: what's SP?
Me: South Philly
by Anne December 25, 2004
Acronym for "Small Penis"
used typicly in public situations where it may be inappropriate to say Penis out loud.

effectively the same as calling someone a pussy
"we bought movie tickets to fight club but this S.P. here wanted to go see Spy Kids Instead"
by Tyler Smith July 19, 2004
Meaning "same person".
Like omg, we are so SP!
by Ryzor April 20, 2004
the aberviation of "small penis"
also a method of recording on a video camera
"john has an SP Itty Bitty"
by HPB April 05, 2003
it's a slumber party!
"wana sp?"


"slumber party!"
#sleep #slumber #party #espee #sp!
by lee! May 10, 2006
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