Secular Progressive (non-religious liberal)
You SP's are always bad mouthing conservative's and people of faith and anyone else that disagrees with your liberal views.
by Gil Irwin May 04, 2007
If someone is acting like a stupid paki you call them a SP, or if they smell like curry.
Nicole you smell like curry, you stinky SP.
by nanannana October 26, 2004
Abbrevation of
1. South Park
2. Service Pack
Did you install sp2 to Windows XP? :)
by Visor December 08, 2003
In terms of Ragnarok Online:
Spirit Points

Also known as Survival Project
Knight: I can't do Bowling Bash anymore, no SP.
Mage: LoL sUx0r, 2 b@d u dUn haf SP regen. LoLz0r nub.
by infiniti X April 25, 2004
SP stands for Southern Pines, the supreme neighborhood in North Carolina. They hate JH, Jackson Hamlett, because they are the little bitches they are. If you wanna see some real niggas come to SP.
Damn them JH niggas got fucked up by them SP boyz
by SP February 23, 2005
LP - Long Play, a normal album.
EP - Extended Play, a short album that usually has about 3 - 6 songs.
SP - Single Play, a CD, tape, record, etc. that has only one song, (a single) on it. In some rare cases, it can have 2 or even 3 songs on an SP.
I got that CD, (insert title) by (insert band name) yesterday. It's just an SP.
by Name March 20, 2003
Sexual Preference
I really want to guess your SP.
by seikosan July 18, 2015

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