South Pasadena, CA. The suberb of the city Pasadena. It is known for it's ostriches and it's ancient Rialto theatre.
It has been featured in movies such as "Bringing Down The House" and "Sleepover".
"You go to SP?"
"Yeah dawg, home of the tigers!"
by asdjkl August 14, 2006
Stank Pussy. This is used when a girl has a smelly twat and apparently does not wash it.
When Tommy fingered this nasty bitch named Christina and afterwards, he stretched. His hand came about a foot away from his face and he could smell an aweful stench that came from her S.P.
by Phoebe06 June 11, 2006
south portland playaz
taryn is from sp, she rox
by homie-g December 11, 2004
1. Special Patrol. A grafiti gang in Australia.
2. Sick Posse.
3. Smoke POT.
4. Straight-out Player.
1. "SP is well represented."
2. "I been chilling with an SP lately."
3. "Keen to SP? Cool, Let's bounce."
4. "Man, that SP has all the bitches."
by Diego August 14, 2003
n. Suspicious package. This is something that the citizens of Israel are all too familiar with. Unfortunately, it has also recently been added to the vernacular of the Americans and British. May G-d smite the terrorist heathen once and for all!
If you see an SP, immediately notify a police officer in close proximity.
by The Raging Bull July 26, 2005
A SP Is super pimp, {SP = Gee}
Gee is a SP with l33t power
by Mikeyman1 February 10, 2008
U.S. Navy Shore Patrol.
Chief, put your dick back in your pants, the SP is coming.
by harry flashman July 24, 2003
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