1. Special Patrol. A grafiti gang in Australia.
2. Sick Posse.
3. Smoke POT.
4. Straight-out Player.
1. "SP is well represented."
2. "I been chilling with an SP lately."
3. "Keen to SP? Cool, Let's bounce."
4. "Man, that SP has all the bitches."
by Diego August 14, 2003
Stanky Pussy.
A person who is a slut, who happens to have a foul-smelling vagina.
Man, that chick fucked her brother, she's such an SP.
by Cami March 13, 2005
A group in the Air Force set aside for people too stupid to do anything else, but were smart enough to not join the Army or Marines.
Goofy stupid beret wearing fags that make security guards look cool
by Strip Stealer Seth December 10, 2003
sugi pula, used most of the time in online chating, in romania, it translate in "suck my cock"
mosos20: iar m-ai incurcat, sp...
by lupino25 August 25, 2008
In Text messaging means Same Problems.
How are you and your Girlfriend? SP?
by Brandon Tegge September 09, 2007
This is an acronym for "Super Pussy". It describes a woman who has the most beautiful vaginal area. It is every man's dream to have one of these during their lifetime.
Look over there, is that girl an SP or what? She is just so fine looking. I always love the kind of girl that when you look at her from the front, she has just a little bit of a gap between her upper thighs where her legs join her body. That look just makes you want to taste and slurp it up right now!
by Panchoman December 05, 2006
Originally an acronym for "Smoke Pot," SP has evolved to be used for a plethora of situations relating to cannabis. Can be used as a noun, verb, or adjective!
"Hey wanna SP?"
"Hey man, did you bring any SP?"
"Dude, I SP'ed so much last night"
by DubClub04 July 26, 2008
short for "starring problem".
WTF stop with the "sp".
by its the bomb nance January 30, 2007

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