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Please Send Tell.

Used for indicating that the person wants spoken to in-game through a private conversation.
WTS Long Sword PST with offer!
Group LFM PST.
by Soljia March 03, 2005
What is used when someone wants people to whisper them or private message them with a response. Although it stands for 'please send tell' you will frequently see morons using in a sentence such as 'LFG something, pst me' making them sound like some sort of caveman.
PST me for more info
Prime Snap Time. The time between 6pm - 8pm where the photos you post will get the most likes (instagram, Facebook etc.).
Girl: 'Mandy quick! It's just hit 6.01pm girl, that means it's PST. Post that instagram quick!'

Girl 2: 'Thanks so much Sophie, I would've forgotten!!'
by instagramgirl102343 November 07, 2015
Stands for 'Petite Sized Testicle Syndrome'
You coming out tonight Rich?

no mate.

oh my, you have a severe case of PSTS
by Sandwich & Pingu February 06, 2011
Acronym for PURSE STRAP TITTIES. When a Girl wears a Purse and the Purse Strap goes across her chest resulting in accentuated Titties.
Damn, That Chick with the Gucci Purse has got her "PST's" in full effect.
by DJ Carlo June 27, 2005
Pakistani standard time
Arriving half an hour to an hour after an arranged time.
Guy 1: 'is he coming for a scran?'
Guy 2: ' yeh but he runs on pst'
by zobear April 23, 2011
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