1. Special Patrol. A grafiti gang in Australia.
2. Sick Posse.
3. Smoke POT.
4. Straight-out Player.
1. "SP is well represented."
2. "I been chilling with an SP lately."
3. "Keen to SP? Cool, Let's bounce."
4. "Man, that SP has all the bitches."
by Diego August 14, 2003
super pimp
"look at all those girls that freshmans got, what a superpimp"
by huh? March 22, 2004
An acronym for Smashing Pumpkins, sometimes written inside the shape of a heart
SP fans can now breathe a breath of fresh air with the release of Zeitgeist, the first Smashing Pumpkins album in 7 years.
by tarotkid August 04, 2007
A hybrid molecular orbital containing a carbon-carbon triple bond. Linear.
Ask Dr. Hagan.
by H. Tim Smith December 12, 2003
gameboy SP

its like a gba, but its screen flips up like a cell phone, and it has a backlight

basically, its for all of us who play gameboy during pe..
dude, leme play juur sp
by Hellbourne March 22, 2005
abbv. Sound provider. Used to describe those who use digital music as source.
Yo, that SP was playing all the hot mashups!
by KB January 05, 2005
A group in the Air Force set aside for people too stupid to do anything else, but were smart enough to not join the Army or Marines.
Goofy stupid beret wearing fags that make security guards look cool
by Strip Stealer Seth December 10, 2003
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