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really wet female vagina; kinda like the slip-n-slide water slide. sloppy wet pussy;
"Dude, my buddy has a horse tattoo and when he showed it to kecia-leek, she had to change her panties because it opened the flood gates to her dripping delta"
by SP February 20, 2005
very big grin
Precursors to the common use of emoticons in electronic communication were abbreviated phrases within less-than and greater-than symbols. High-speed internet makes surfing the internet a wonderful thing <vbg>.
by SP November 07, 2003
someone whose virginity is lost over IRC
I was crhymed by netslut69!
by sp August 23, 2003
When a male or female pulls out a girls tampon with their teeth and shakes their head side to side, causing it to leave red marks (aka tiger stripes) on both sides of the face.
After my girl let me give her a dirty sanches, she made me wear some tiger stripes.
by SP March 27, 2005
A stupid little bitch.
Like a retarded kid who wont stop laughing.
by SP February 02, 2005
SP stands for Southern Pines, the supreme neighborhood in North Carolina. They hate JH, Jackson Hamlett, because they are the little bitches they are. If you wanna see some real niggas come to SP.
Damn them JH niggas got fucked up by them SP boyz
by SP February 23, 2005
I told Tola's punk ass to stop being such a slut puppy and leave the boys alone.
by SP November 18, 2003

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