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SOOF meaning swear on our friendship, this word was invented in the crestview florida scene, it should not be used to force out a confession, it should only be used sparingly and as a last resort.
Jennifer- I have brain cancer

Andrew-no you don't!

Jennifer- yeah... I do.

by Brandon Avallone September 04, 2007
Abbreviation for Swear On Our Friendship (S.O.O.F.).

If someone SOOF's you or says SOOF it means they are telling the absolute 100% truth or your friendship is over.

Its like a pinky swear, but without having to touch pinkies or kiss each-others thumbs or whatever people do to make promises or prove they are telling the truth.
Sorority Girl #1: Did you cheat on me with my roommate?

Sorority Girl #2: No...

Sorority Girl #1: SOOF ?

Sorority Girl #2: SOOF. Bible.
by krk28 April 18, 2013
Word combination of Soft and Poof. A derogatory term for someone who is not only soft but a poof. Person will not do typical or even basic tasks that may only require minimum effort. Also posses homosexual tendencies.
Luke: "What are you on about, you you don't want to do it!? Don't be a soof".
by DreadGoat June 12, 2014
Abbreviation for the NJ Pop/Punk band Sharply Out of Focus. Hailing from the meadowlands area they hope to be one of the latest additions to the ever growing NJ music scene.
Guy/Girl 1: Hey did you check out that band SOOF last night?

Guy/Girl 2: Oh you mean Sharply Out of Focus? Yea they kicked major ass!

Guy/Girl 1: Yea, they were so awesome!
by SharplyOutOfFocus November 07, 2010
Derived from "So fucked up".
"sooo fucked up" ->
"so fucked..." ->
"so fuu.." ->
"soaf" ->
"Dood, i am soof."

"Dood, that is SOOF!"
by Michael Devin December 03, 2003
Student Organization Operational Fund
Let's buy some supplies from Office Depot, get our SOOF money, then return it and keep the money!
by g-star-maniac August 06, 2008
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